The Important Role of Texan Wind Farms in the Wind Energy Industry

The Important Role of Texan Wind Farms in the Wind Energy IndustryLast May, Siemens Government Technologies was awarded a contract by the National Nuclear Security Administration to build an 11.5 MW wind farm in Texas. The wind farm itself is expected to be operational by next year, and its purpose is to provide energy to the Pantex nuclear weapons facility, located in Amarillo, Texas, which is considered as one of the most important government facilities in the country. The actual wind farm itself will be constructed in the Texas panhandle, and will consist of five two-point-three megawatt turbines, which will increase the already substantial amount of wind energy that Texas produces annually.

It’s also worth mentioning that most of Texas’ wind farms are located in Western areas, where abundant amounts of land as well as consistently strong wind currents make the area suitable for such facilities. It’s worth mentioning that the Pantex nuclear facility has been around since the 1950’s and is the country’s only facility that handles the assembly and dis-assembly of nuclear weapons. These days, the facility is used by the NNSA to manage most of the nation’s existing nuclear stockpile, and also to comply with nonproliferation treaties which are presently in place all throughout the world.

Due to the sensitive nature of nuclear weapons assembly and dis-assembly, Siemens Government Technologies will also have to consider the compatibility of this new wind farm with the needs of the facility and, at the same time, factor in the intermittent nature of wind energy. Presently, it is expected that the wind energy generated by the project will supply about two thirds of Pantex’s energy needs. Despite such challenges, however, expectations are positive the project will give rise to better results in the foreseeable future.

Most of the project’s funding will come from an ESPC (Energy Savings Performance Contract). This method of financing will cause Siemens to shoulder the upfront costs for the project, as the government pays them over time from the amount of money that they will save through the project.

Recent estimates indicate that the upcoming wind farm will allow the Pantex facility to save around $2.9 million yearly. However, although the financial benefits are certainly worth noticing, the real value behind Texas’ latest investment in wind energy is that it has expanded the feasibility of using alternative energy in sustaining large scale energy consumption. Although it’s true that the upcoming wind farm will not supply 100% of Pantex’s energy needs, the fact that it is expected to carry a large proportion of the facility’s Commercial Energy needs means that a similar method or project may be used for other facilities throughout Texas and perhaps even the rest of the country. .

Thus far, wind energy has always produced too little in the way of EROEI (Energy Returned on Energy Invested) for them to be considered as practical alternatives to fossil fuels and conventional hydrocarbons. If, however, the wind farm at Amarillo becomes a success, it will become a significant milestone, one that will allow new wind farms to supply the electrical needs of large government facilities in the foreseeable future.

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Black Car Service – Your Ritzy and Reliable Transport

Many of us have encountered problems with our pre-arranged transportation in the past. You probably experienced waiting a taxi on your porch for over two hours or have your designated driver friend balked out the moment he or she realizes there’s an open bar on the party you’re attending. Or perhaps, you experienced the frustration of receiving an old car from your rental service and have it broke down on you on several occasions during your entire trip.

Having transport problems, like those mentioned above, are indeed highly frustrating. Not only will these troubles cause you to miss your meetings or flight schedules or put you on an inconvenient situation in the middle of the night, they can also cost you a lot of money. Rebooking your flights and hotels or missing your appointments with clients will hit you hard financially. Your transport problems will also prompt you to bugger other people like your roommate, sibling or parents to come fetch you up wherever you are in the wee hours of morning. Finding a reliable transport is, therefore, of utmost importance. If you are in great need for a reliable as well as a ritzy transportation, plan ahead and book a Black Car Service.

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